Guitar Player Magazine ( USA) .March 2009 the editor of Guitar Player magazine picked Ritchie as one of their Big Eight Players.

"Whoa! Thrilling and blissfully scary!"

"Majestic command on the guitar. great stage presence, blistering guitar.If James Dean had sung the blues it would have sounded like this!" ( Bill Smith. BLUES IN BRITAIN).
"Ritchie enthralled the audience"
"touch ,tone and taste"
( Blues in Britain)

Ritchie has played and toured across the UK , Europe and beyond in the last 30 years playing venues as diverse as the legendary but diminutive Aint Nuthin But the Blues bar in Central London to the beautiful Municipal Hall at Colne as part of the Great British Rhythm and Blues festival and many other great venues and festivals along the way.

Which was formed with and featured John Stokes on vocals/Harmonica .

Ritchie was signed to Sticky records. Releasing tracks on Sticky Labels 2 Something new ,Something Blue"

The Freeze. Exhibit A. Released in 1999.
The Freeze. recorded acoustic 6 track E.P
The Freeze. A Little Heat. Released in 2007.

Blues from The Aint Nuthin But. Vol II .Compilation of well known/renowned blues bands.

As well as guesting , playing and touring with various other bands along the way!
Recorded with Katie Bradley ( band called Strange Pleasure) .10 tracks of Katies originals and some classics .

The Ritchie Lane Band.
Released a limited edition 5 track e.p. Aug 2009.
Band featured Mike Thorne drums. Orlando Shearer Double Bass./Richard Studholme Bass.

Katie Bradley - Ritchie Lane. Acoustic slide blues/roots e.p
A 7 track mini album 2018 that garnered great radio play and reached no.11 on the independant UK radio charts.

The Primitive Noise band.
2019 joined the band as guitarist played some great shows debut album garnered rave reviews alum of the week awards and reached no.4 on the Independant charts UK.

Live at Barleys ! E.P . Alone and acoustic. Released Sept 2022.

New E.P WHITE HORSE BLUES . Released Oct 2022.

XTRA TACOS ! Full album released Jan 2023. Album of the week on Acoustic Blues Club Radio Show. Aug 23.
With special guests Ian Jennings Double Bass.
Becky Brine Vocals.